The Burgers and Sausages we used for the evening trial BBQ’s came from Simon Righton and everybody will agree they were delicious for more info follow this link  

Our next event will be the Tim Fry Landrovers charity trial in aid of the Pied Piper appeal it will be on  May 15th regs will be up soon as well as the the ACU online system all entries will be online with no postal or entries on the day watch this space

Tim Fry Regs 15-5-2022.


ACU member    Login ” Use for Trial Online Entry .

Zona 1 MCC Membership form 2022

Please note .. The club will be using an online entry for all events in 2022.. It will be a secure link onto the ACU entry pages, to prepare for this option please use your ACU licence information to sign up to their “members” pages. As an ACU member you sign in with your licence details etc and then you can search for an event by the Zona 1 club name.

Regs and Entry form for each trial are available for download via calendar links below. All events listed below are now available to enter online as well as the old tried and tested postal system.

Zona 1 mcc will link each date below to the relevant entry information where you can complete your entry form and pay in advance, greatly speeding up things at the start of each event and you are safe in the knowledge that your payment details are fully secure.