All results will be available to view and downloadable from here

Results of the John WorkmanTrial 15/9/2019           John Workman Results 15-09-2019 xls

Results 2nd Evening Trial  here                                       Results 10:7:2019 Evening trial

Results from 1st evening Trial 19/6/2019 here          Results 19:6:2019 1st Evening trial

Dennis saunders Results Here                                   Dennis Saunders Results 19-03-2019 xls

Tim Fry results 7th April 2109 here now                Tim Fry Results 7-4-2019 CC xls

Race Techniques results here                                   Race Techniques Results 2-12-2018 xls

John Workman Results here                                    JOHN WORKMAN RESULTS 9:9:2018

 Results of  3rd evening trial here                                  Results 3rdEvening trial 18-7-2017

Results of 2nd evening trial here                   Results Evening trial 27:6:2018

Results of 1st evening trial here        Results Evening trial 6:6:2018

Great Ormand Street Results       GOSH Results 20-5-2018 xls

Tim Fry 8/4/2018 Results          Tim Fry Results 8-4-2018 pdf

Les Davis results here         LES DAVIS Results 4-2-2018

 Race techniques Trial results here      Race Techniques Results 3-12-17

Tim Fry Results Here         Tim Fry 29:10:17 Results

John Workman Trial Results    JOHN WORKMAN Results 17-9-2017

3rd Fun evening Results          Results Evening trial 5:7:2017

2nd Fun Evening Results        Results Evening trial 14:6:2017

Fun Evening Trial results     Results Fun Evening trial 24-5-2017

Dennis Saunders Results   Dennis Saunders Results 14-5-2017

Les davis Results      LES DAVIS Results 5-2-2017

Race Techniques Trial Results  RaceTechniques-results-4-12–2016

Results from John Workman trial here john-workman-results-18-9-2016-xls

Results 3rd Evening Trial   3rd Evening Trial 6:7:2016

Results from the Kia Twinshock trial   Kia Twinshock 19-6-2016 Rnd 3

Results from second evening trial        Results 2nd Evening trial 8-6-2016

Results from first fun evening trial    Results Fun Evening trial 18-5-2016

Dennis Saunders Results   Dennis Saunders Results 8-5-2016

Results of Les Davis Trial     Les Davis Results 7-2-2016 

.. some images from the Les Davis Trial ..

Result from todays trial here     Race Techniques Results

If anybody has any photos you put them on our Facebook page

 John Workman Results 20-9-2015   Photos of John Workman Trial

Results from todays wet trial here    Nat Twin shock Results 26-7-15

These Results for evening trial are Provisional and may have to be changed

Results from the 2nd fun evening trial took a bit of sorting    EveningTrial 8-7-2015 Results

Results of Ladies and girls Championship round at Birdlip Quarry      Womens Championship 21-6-2015 Championship Results

Results of Ladies and girls Championship round at Harecombe Syde .Womens & Girls Championship 20-6-2015 Results

Results of Last nights evening trial here EveningTrial 3-6-2015 Results

Some Photos from last night here  Photos from last night


Victoria Payne



Dennis Saunders Results 26-4-2015 Results here      He still won’t get a clean smiling at the observer     and below      Nicely parked SirDSC00807_1DSC00804

Les Davis Results 8:2:2015xls  Ltrophyes Davis Results Here

Race_Techniques_Results – 23rd November 2014 ( also on dropbox – here)

John Workman Results  – 21st September 2014

Evening Trials Results – 9th July 2014

Evening Trials Results – 4th June 2014

Tim Fry Landrover’s Charity Trial Results – 18th May 2014

Saturdays results – 21st June 2014

Sundays Results  – 22nd June 2014
Here is a blast from the past … Results from a 1974 club event !! (click them to enlarge)



Results Archive … 

Results evening Trial 5/6/2013
Tim Fry Results 20/5/2013
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Les Davis Results 4-3-2012
Race Techniques Results 4-12-2011
John Workman Results 16-10-2011
Pritchett Shield Results 10-7-2011
Evening Trial Results 15-6-2011
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