Dear Member,

Thank you for joining Zona1mcc, Our Club is constantly evolving and has a variety of events and practise opportunities, to challenge and interest all abilities.

We as a club, aim to put on a selection of trials that are both varied and fun. This takes a lot of work by the committee to ensure this happens. In addition we have Birdlip quarry as the venue where members who have joined the practise facility may practise. 

Our biggest problem is getting enough observers,  We do somehow scrape by with some very loyal helpers and of course our own extended family picking up the observers card as well.

We would also like to put in more sections at our trials as we are very fortunate to gain a good entry of near 100 riders at each event, this however causes considerable queues so we need to spread the riders over more section and one less lap.

This does cause a problem as we only just get 10 observers so 14 for example would be out of the question.

This brings us to an idea we have had, we would like to put our practise members names (Adults only) into a draw and pull out names to observe at the next event. once your name has been pulled out it will not go back in the draw until the following year, with the number of members we have it is unlikely you will be called upon more than once every two years.This does not have to be you personally, a member of your family or a friend (someone who understands the rules) Is all we ask.

We know this is an extension to the rules that you signed up for, so you are welcome to let us know that you are not prepared to take part in this scheme and you will be removed from the list.

We do however consider this to be a very small ask, and we hope most of you will see why we need to do this. 

Best Regards

Zona1 MCC.