Practice Venue

Please note as from September 1st a new phone no will appear on the memberships cards

Dear Members,  

Thank you for joining Zona1mcc, Our Club is constantly evolving and has a variety of events and practise opportunities, to challenge and interest all abilities.

We as a club, aim to put on a selection of trials that are both varied and fun. This takes a lot of work by the committee to ensure this happens. In addition we have Birdlip quarry as the venue where members who have joined the practise facility may practise. 

Our biggest problem is getting enough observers,  We do somehow scrape by with some very loyal helpers and of course our own extended family picking up the observers card as well.

We would also like to put in more sections at our trials as we are very fortunate to gain a good entry of near 100 riders at each event, this however causes considerable queues so we need to spread the riders over more section and one less lap.

This does cause a problem as we only just get 10 observers so 14 for example would be out of the question.

This brings us to an idea we have had, we would like to put our practise members names (Adults only) into a draw and pull out names to observe at the next event. once your name has been pulled out it will not go back in the draw until the following year, with the number of members we have it is unlikely you will be called upon more than once every two years.This does not have to be you personally, a member of your family or a friend (someone who understands the rules) Is all we ask.

We know this is an extension to the rules that you signed up for, so you are welcome to let us know that you are not prepared to take part in this scheme and you will be removed from the list.

We do however consider this to be a very small ask, and we hope most of you will see why we need to do this. 

Best Regards

Zona1 MCC.                         Join Zona1mcc   Standard Club Membership £6.00 yearly

Important note ….

We must remind everyone …
No riding alone
Helmets boots etc must be worn
Minors must be accompanied at all times
Minors only to ride bikes of the cubic capacity stated in ACU handbook for theirMembers only to ride !!!

Only bikes manufactured for the specific purpose of trials may be used. 
Also note a maximum speed of 10 mph for any vehicle whilst at the venue, as stated in ACU handbook ie no trail bikes

We have worked very hard to resolve the problems so PLEASE HELP US ALL KEEP IT OPEN AND SAFE.

Please read rules posted at the bottom of this page … 

Zona one mcc are pleased to announce that Birdlip Quarry, Nettleton Glos, is now available for use to members of the Zona One Trials Practice venue.

Many of you will know this location as it is used for club events throughout the year. Mutual agreement has been reached with the previous management of the ground so that Zona One mcc are now in control. It has been, and will continue to be, improved with added obstacles and rearrangement of existing areas that allows practice for all levels of rider… from total beginner to advanced riders.

An Annual fee can be paid that will give you membership to this club, as follows :-

Schoolpersons Membership, (under 16 years old)… 12 months…  £40.00

Adult Membership … 12 months…  £95.00.

Also required is a deposit for an Access Key of £15.00 refundable on here to pay for  Access Key Refundable    a one off payment     Keys will not be issued to under 16’sIncreasingly it has been getting difficult to get ahold of members when their membership is up for renewal,  an auto-renew direct debit system is now up and running

Follow the links below for new members.  Zona-1-practice membership-form-disclaimer forms  still need to be filled in and sent to the address on form along with a photo but you can still pay through this system,If you are posting forms could you please put enough postage on or fold up and put in smaller envelope

Follow this Link to  for New and Renewal,  Adult membership    Full Membership Adult, New & Renewal

Follow this Link for New & Renewal Youths      Full Membership Youth New & Renewal

Key for new Adult and Youths pay here via  separate link here   Access Key Refundable

Zona-1-practice membership-form-disclaimer

Below is the ACU Standing Regulations for those new to trials Please read and understand not all of it is relevant

ACU Standing Trials Regulations

For any further information please  E mail

It has come to the attention of the Committee, that members and or acquaintances have been flying Quad Copters/Helicopters for filming purposes at the quarry.

Could members please take note that THIS activity is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AND, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, this is also applicable to any other type of remote control aircraft/vehicle.

The rules and regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) are unworkable in relation to the current activities at Birdlip Quarry.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation



Rules for Birdlip Quarry Trials Groud

  • The Birdlip Quarry trials ground is for the exclusive use of bona fide club members only.


2)     The Birdlip Quarry trials ground can be used between Monday to Saturday 9am until dusk and from

         10am until dusk on Sundays.

3)     Members must ensure that the gates are locked at all times.

4)     The Birdlip Quarry facility may only be used by motorcycles deemed to be for the specific purpose of Trials as defined in the ACU handbook. Any motorcycle not clearly identified as above MUST NOT BE USED at Birdlip Quarry.

5)     Protective clothing must be worn at all times, complying with the ACU Handbook.

         The current regulations are as follows:       TSR15 Clothing

Clothing must cover legs and body and it is recommended that arms should be covered. Boots of approximately knee length must be worn. Only safety type Wellington boots made of leather, rubber or plastic will be allowed.

Motorcycle helmets must be worn, (and be correctly fitted) by all officials, riders and sidecar passengers whenever they are riding a machine.

All Youth riders must have clothing covering arms, and wear gloves covering hands and fingers.

The wearing of gloves is recommended for all other riders

6)      Lone riding is not permitted. Youth members must be accompanied by a non-riding adult. Adults

         must be accompanied by another adult.


7)       Minors only to ride bikes of the cubic capacity stated in ACU handbook for their age

         Members only to ride !!!


8)      The club does not provide Personal Insurance and the onus lies entirely with the member to

         provide Personal Insurance as they think appropriate

9)      The Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury, for loss or damage to personal possessions of Club Members or any accompanying persons howsoever caused.

10)    Any incident involving injury or other loss occurring at the Birdlip Quarry trials ground must be recorded and reported to the Club Secretary without delay. Contact details are available on the membership card or on the website.

11)   I recognise that trials activities are dangerous and carry the risk of death and serious injury. By signing this form I confirm that I acknowledge and accept these risks.

         Prior to tackling obstacles I will ensure that they are in acceptable condition and within my capabilities.

         I accept that alcohol and intoxicating Drugs or substances are strictly forbidden and will not

         attempt to ride whilst under the influence.

12) It is now a Zona 1 Trials Club requirement to attach the enclosed sticker to your right hand fork leg

       between the yokes, facing outwards and being able to be seen and read for identification

       purposes. You will note they are valid from the date of new registration or renewal that your

       membership runs out. If you have more than ONE bike and require further stickers please

       contact the Secretary Memberships run consecutively with renewal due, by the end of the month

     stated on your sticker. Members will be reminded of renewal via e mail prior to there due date 


13) There will be no tipping of rubbish of any sorts and all litter must be taken away when members leave

14) Toilets must be respected and left in a good clean condition

15) Abuse of these rules will cause the member to have his membership revoked


16) Only bikes manufactured for the specific purpose of trials may be stated in ACU handbook ie no trail bikes

       Also note a maximum speed of 10 mph for any vehicle whilst at the venue