Social Meetings


The Zona 1 mcc are looking at having a social event/meeting once a month in the future …

More details soon ..

Practice club rule infringements


It has come to the clubs notice that the rules at the quarry are not being adhered to with regards to Power washing of bikes onsite. It is an ACU rule, for environmental reasons, that must be followed.

It has also been noted that there are people riding that are not members, this is a serious breach of the rules that could affect insurance and the overall use of the land. This is a strict rule that will be acted on if found to be breached again. If you as a member allow others to ride there that are not members you will stand the chance of shortly thereafter not being a member yourself !

Last one … please stop riding over the pipes, or any other areas,  they were taped off with signs.

There will be strict policing in future .. please be warned. We all want to continue to enjoy our sport and breaking these rules could jeopardise the use of the land for us all.